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PSME’s Search For A New Home

One of the many questions we receive from the general public is “aren’t you guys at Thorpe Hall anymore?”.. Well the simple truth is that we haven’t been at Thorpe Hall since October 2011.

For those who may not know the history of Peterborough Society of Model Engineers (PSME for short), here’s a little summary for you, which will bring you right up to date with where we’re at right now:-

Back in December1969, Mr Breese of Werrington advertised in the Model Engineer magazine to enquire if there would be sufficient interest in fellow model engineers in the local area to get together and form a club. This was the moment when PSME was born.

Eventually the club setup its first track on some Brotherhoods ground, officially opened in 1973, and began its affiliation with the public of Peterborough by offering rides.

In 1980 the club was unable to remain at the Brotherhood’s site and was offered land at Thorpe Hall (then under stewardship of Peterborough City Council), within the walled orchard. Unfortunately the condition of this orchard meant that it took a year just to clear it !!

Thorpe Hall was then sold to Sue Rider Hospice, who were our landlords for many years, but bowing to the pressures of development they called time on our tenancy, and so in 2011 PSME had to find a new home yet again.

The search for a new home actually began some years before 2011, as rumours had gathered, informing us that our time at Thorpe Hall was likely to be at an end, but finding “suitable” land in and around the Peterborough area is very difficult. In most cases, if it’s suitable to us, it’s also suitable to housing developers.

In 2012 a sub-committee was formed, tasked with finding any possible sites that PSME could use. Since this began we’ve looked and trampled over some 60 pieces of land in and around the Peterborough area, we even applied for planning permission in 2014 for some land in Yaxley which was rejected.

At present we are in discussion with an organisation which has been setup to take over the ownership and administration of some land which is at present owned by Peterborough City Council. Whilst we are in discussions with this organisation we’re also keeping our options open in case anything else should happen to come to light..

Watch this space……..